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In the mean time - here are some handy links to help you get started with Online Play as well as lists of our venture officers.


AdvEnture Card Game Online

Venture Captain:
Tyler Beck
Venture Lieutenant:
Andrew Warner
Venture Agent:
Mark Koopman
Venture Agent:
Race Dorsey



Venture Captain:
Hilary Moon Murphy
Venture Lieutenant:
Gerard van Konijnenburg
Venture Lieutenant:
Chris Marsh
Venture Agent - Paizo (Flaxseed):
Christine Bussman
Venture Agent - Mythweavers:
Michael Hallet
Venture Agent - RPGGeek:
Phillip Wood
Venture Agent - Pathfinder-FR (French):
Sylvain Corbaz


Virtual Tabletop

Venture Captain:
James Bartlett
Venture Lieutenant:
Helen Yau
Venture Lieutenant:
Richard Lowe
Venture Agent (German):
Hannes Schunk

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